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As much if not more important than having the right wedding dress, tuxedo, bouquet of flowers, perfectly designed cake, elegant bride’s maids dresses, and plenty of good food and drink for your beloved guests is the need to have the absolute perfect wedding venue.

It’s true, Denver wedding venues have become increasingly elegant and affordable in the past decade. Have you noticed how few of your friends and family members are still resorting to the “free” option at home or in a friend’s backyard? These days, there are dedicated, elaborate facilities designed from the beginning to take into consideration every detail a bride or groom might think about. And there’s plenty to think about when it comes to building layout, proper spacing, the right tables and chairs, a wedding-themed decor, and of course a staff to cater to your guests needs.

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The good news is, you have a wide rang of options depending on your budget and plan for the big night. And opinions vary widely as to how much one should spend on a wedding night. According to one poll, as much as 42% of people believe they should potentially spend at least $10,000 on a wedding. Yet we’ve been to plenty of flawless weddings in Colorado that have had a price tag under the $10,000 mark. In the end, though, you get what you pay for when it comes to planning the biggest night of your life, so it’s okay to splurge a little bit as long as you aren’t breaking the bank.

Outdoor or Indoor Venue

The debate rages on about whether a proper wedding should be held outdoors or in. Believe it or not, many of the ceremonial aspects of modern day weddings actually originally came from the way weddings were carried out in ancient Rome. Gift giving, ring exchanging (usually iron in those days), and other aspects all come from a traditional Roman wedding.

In truth, most traditional weddings have taken place outdoors. However, sometimes that’s simply not possible given the particular climate you live in. In ancient times, wedding attire for specific regions and cultures probably reflected the temperature and type of weather that was consistent in those days. But in the West, we’ve (mostly) agreed upon a standard wedding outfit: A long, flowing white dress and a tuxedo. Both considerably hot and not conducive to hot environments.

Today, we have the technology to provide just the right mix of indoor amenities (air conditioning, lack of bugs, etc.) while incorporating an outdoor feel. So there’s no need to fret about having an indoor wedding. However, outdoor weddings can still be as elegant as any given the right conditions.

Denver Wedding Venues & Backup Plans

It happens, everyone knows it and may have been a part of it in some way in the past. There’s plenty of professional advice about how to handle such a situation, but it’s not something you should spend a great amount of time worrying about. The good news is, with more and more competition arising in the wedding venue industry, there are plenty of “insured” options that offer some kind of compensation or rescheduling capabilities should the worst happen.

There’s also the possibility of unexpected severe bad weather, illnesses, and other issues that could come up. You’ll want to discuss these with your wedding venue coordinator and see what options are available in case such a situation arises. We look forward to helping you plan your big day in CO! Best of luck!

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